Ripping Dvds To Itunes Yosemite With Handbrake?


I've used Handbrake for about two years to rip my DVDs. It worked well in the past. But now it keeps crashing especially after I updated my Mac to Yosemite. I've checked on the official website of Handbrake but didn't find any info saying it is compatible with Mac 10.10 or not. Could I still use Handbrake? Or is there any other app I can use to rip DVD on Yosemite?

Thanks for your help.
I have encountered the same problem recently, and the Handbrake did not help. I am frustrated, do you know other product that can handle DVD converting besides Handbrake? BTW, I have to mention that it did not work if I use MakeMKV to backup DVD to MKV and then use HandBrake to encode. But never worked if I directly use Handbrake.