Rumors circulating that 5G64 is NOT the GM?


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I am running it now, and it rocks, but the lack of windows network support makes me wonder. As do the rumours going around...

Anyone have info?
I have had the same problem -- I loaded on build 5g64 today and tried to access the windows network at work (I've been using dave and 10.04 successfully up to this point). I was not able to access the network at all with 10.1
Have you tried this?


Using the Finder's "Connect to server..." option we were able to type in "smb://server-IP/share-name/" and connect with or username and pass... Poor interface... Apple will want to make it graphical; and we've yet to find a way to share Mac files with a Windows client, even though we can now do it the other way around... may just have to install the opensource Samba server ourselves...
No I have not done that yet, and I will not have a chance to test it until monday, but I do trust that it works. Something tells me they wouldn't ship it without a better front end though.
I don't know... None of the previous versions of the OS had ANY windows networking support. I would think that getting windows networking support, even if you have to manually type the IP and share name would be a large enough improvement, at least for a little while. I, at any rate, am not going to complain, since at least it is there :)
Im running 5G64 and I dont think its the GM and heres why.

Epson promised support for their 'non mainstream' printers, such as mine the Color Stylus 980, in the 10.1. Hey guess what? 5G64 still NO support for this printer... I have heard similar comments from people with different brand 'non mainstream' printers as well.

Terminal instead of displaying localhost inside the brackets. (i.e. [localhost]#cd... ) Displays my IP address in hex?! This started with (for me anyhow) in build 5G40, mind you I did a clean install of 5G64. I doubt this is planned as while running 10.0-10.0.4 I never encountered it.

These in themselves are not major issues but are small refinements one would expect dealt with in such a highly regarded update as Apple has demonstarted.

Just my opinion though... :D
As outlined by Maury over at RailheadDesign, the Network Proxy Icon in the "Connect To" dialog box. ( That's the only "glaring" problem I've seen in 5G64, and it's not major and can be easily fixed probably with a quick update through the Software Update System Preference. Maybe it's fixed in the build that went to manufacturing, and is such a minor cosmetic glitch that Apple didn't warranty giving it a higher build # (which happens)...

As to the Printer Support. Epson did say that they would have additional printers supported with the release of 10.1, but they didn't necessarily state that Apple would be delivering them. From what I understand, the next batch of drivers is going to come from Epson directly, instead of through Apple, so them not being on the disk that Apple sends out doesn't alarm me.

5G64 rocks, period. I've already installed it on all three of my Macs, and don't really see much need for 9.2 anymore. I can now burn data and music from 10.1, I can finally access my SanDisk Imagemate and retrieve my photos, I can watch DVDs, and Classic is just as fast (if not faster) than booting in to 9 directly.

With 10.1, the OS itself is removed from the equation of people holding back to upgrade to it. Now the only major impediments are native applications (for those whose app won't run in Classic due to hardware support), and drivers. With 10.1 here now, but of those problems will start to subside over the next couple of months.
Epsons print driver release for 10.0.x was NOT released through them directly but through Apple. Which is why I was expecting it in this release. If you recall it was distributed only through the software update panel and the software section of the iDisk. But I read Epsons statement about it and see where your coming from. :)

Oh, and they still havent settled the networking issue. I just restarted and the OS failed to correctly setup the network connection (DHCP). Which rquired an additional restart to clear up. :(

Let me just clear that I am not dumping on 5G64. It is great, faster, more stable and generally a hell of a lot better then 10.0.x... Im simply expressing my observations and a hope...
I'm running DHCP through a Cable Modem. I haven't had any problems with connecting. Never need a restart even after initial installations. Haven't had any issues with DHCP since build 4K42.

But you're not the first person I've heard of having DHCP problems. I've had no problems with connecting via my Cable Modem, or when I bring my TiBook to work connecting to their Windows network just by plugging in. I just leave the DHCP settings blank and the OS handles everything.
So, uh, if you didn't know already...

5G64 Seems to be the GM. Well, at least that's what 10.0 updated to when using the shrink-wrapped retail/handout package.

Hehhehh. Hope you found this helpful.
OK. Once and for all 5G64 is the GM. It's the same thing you get when you go out and buy the retail OS 10.1. I have both and know for a fact that the build on the retail is 5G64.
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5G64 IS GM damn it!!!! Apple said so on their web site to developers. sheese. they sent out a mass email to developers saying 5G64 IS GM!!!

Sorry for yelling but i am sooooooo sick of all this 5g64 isn't gm crap.
Stop bothering people with thi IT IS GM.... well if it is it is if it is not it is not.. who cares....get the original cd and no matter what build is enjoy it.
I didn't know everyone was a developer and actually knew about everything about builds.
Well.. all you expert that are so sure of what you say and yell at people...well get a life ...if G64 is GM ... it is..who cares....enjoy it have fun!!!!
And if it is G68 ... again who cares..
Key words...... HAVE FUN ENJOY MAC OSX ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that the GM is actually build 1387_aqua_sp5 of Windows XP and that the G5 Processor is actually a high speed 17stage pipeline addition to the P4 that allows PPC RISC code to be translated into macro-ops for the x86 architecture and then translated into micro-ops inside the chip again for faster execution, each translation has it's own cache and lookahead scheme.

Also, the new processor is driven by internal fusion and actually generates 20 additional watts at 12 volts by which you can power your computer. The heat issues of this longer, faster pipeline and of course the fusion core are answered by Motorola's innovative peanut butter and jelly based liquid cooled thermopaste.

Boy, I had my doubts about Motorola recently, but they REALLY came through on this one. Although their own processor was lagging a bit in some regards, it's all because they were working on this joint venture with Intel. And the kicker is that Motorola is working with AMD on a similar project that should be 8 times as fast and based on a clockless / lemon meringue cooled design!