Running Fedora Core 4 Linux On Virtual Pc 7.0.2


After successfully installing Fedora Core 4 Linux on Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.2 on a 1.33 GHz PowerBook with 1.25 gigs of memory, I have a problem.

When Linux is booting, the command line text gets to this point:
Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.

Virtual PC then reports this error in a dialog box:

An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered. The PC will restart now.

I click the Restart process, and the same thing happens again, in an endless loop.

I also encountered a theory that Linux may be compiled for a different kind of Pentium processor, and that Virtual PC synthesizes a Pentium MMX processor. Is this known to be the problem?

After googling, I found the posting by Wes on recompiling the kernel. Is there any easier way?



Why are you going such a round about way, there is a ppc version of Fedora Core 4 available ? From my experience Linux dos not work particularly well when running under emulation.


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I have to somewhat agree with Tommo here. I tried running Kubuntu on a Windows PC using QEMU. The install went great, but nothing else would run. mind you, it could be due to the emulator itself, but I'm sure the OS was confused about what "machine" it was running on.

Download a Linux/ppc distribution. Here are some of the many out there:
-Ubuntu/Kubuntu (Gnome and KDE desktops, respectively)
-Fedora Core 4
-Yellow Dog Linux (one of the best supported PPC distros...been around since the beginning of Linux/ppc)
-Debian (also well supported on PPC hardware)


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If you have a spare FW drive, I too would suggest installing FC4 for PPC on that...


it isn't just a question of running linux on a mac; mac os x is fine on a mac. it would be nice to be able to run multiple instances of linux in order to test various configurations of the software i support.


You can have as many virtual hard drive disk images as your storage will allow. Each can have a different Intel-compatible OS. When you launch the VPC 7 application, you can select the virtual PC that you want to run the OS that you are testing.


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That's not the problem -- the problem is that Fedora Core 3/4 is incompatible with VirtualPC. It will always generate the fatal error, no matter what system you're running VirtualPC on -- G3, G4 or G5.

You can run multiple instances of Linux on a Macintosh computer -- simply use Yaboot to select between bootable Linux and Mac OS X partitions.


sorry to confuse you guys. yes i have run various distributions of linux on virtual pc and i have installed but not bothered to run ppc versions, but...yes it is important to me to be able to run fedora specifically and it's important to run them within the mac (i.e. on virtual pc) and not instead. does the fix credited to "wes" mentioned above work? i couldn't find it so if anybody has a link...