Running Web Browser on 2 different desktops


Hey guys,

I recently switched from Windows to Mac. I've recently been taking a few tutorials to help me get to grips with OS X and I feel I'm getting there. Theres just one thing thats really bugging me at the moment.

I understand that when I go into mission control I can make a few different desktops that can act as different workspaces. I really like this idea in that I can keep my all my college work completely seperate from my other stuff. The thing thats bugging me is that I want to be able to keep seperate firefox browser sessions running in the different desktops to keep my things seperate. I learned that when you right click on the icon on the dock you can assign it to only one desktop or all desktops but the frustrating thing is that its not helping me keep things seperate because when you try to load up another firefox session the other desktop it changes desktop.

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.
I fail to see the problem. I often run multiple web browsers simultaneously. It ain't no big thing. If I can run Firefox and Safari simultaneously on a single Desktop, then certainly you can run them on two. Just do it.

It might be useful for you to explain exactly what you want to accomplish by running your web browsers in separate environments. I think that you will find that you are trying remedy a non-existent problem and unnecessarily complicating your life as a result.
Basically, you should keep one window in each space you want, and never close it. If it's open, clicking the Dock icon will bring forward the window in the active space. If you close one, then clicking the Dock icon will switch spaces to bring the other window forward, which is probably not what you want.

Alternatively, you can do what MisterMe suggested and use separate browsers in each space (e.g., Safari in one and Firefox in another).