Running Windows Software On Mac Os

I run a library in Alberta. We use an RMS software to handle all book entries. This is the software Is there a way to get this working on Mac OS? Our books id are all created according to this software. So changing the software and all the books data will be a hefty task. Can someone help?
Have you asked RMS support? It looks like they have a "cloud" option, and all you would need is a client that runs on OS X.
Or, if it is truly Windows only, you can run that on the Mac hardware, using Windows installed with the Boot Camp Assistant.
Or, you may be able to run the RMS software on a virtual machine simultaneously with OS X, using something like Parallels.

Or, just contact RMS support with your question, something like "How can I use RMS Books and Music on my Mac?" That should get you either an answer that works - or a quick "you can't do that on a Mac" (and I doubt you will get THAT as a answer from a company that wants to keep your business :D )
(I hope you are not in NE Alberta near the disastrous fire ... )
Thanks for your concern @Delta Mac. I am not from the NE region. Hence, I am doing fine. :) Are you from Canada?
I havent tried Boot Camp Assistant yet. I will give it try! I have contacted the RMS team. I hope they give a positive reply.
Boot Camp Assistant will help you install Windows as a second, bootable system on your Mac.
You ALSO need a Windows installer. If you have mostly Windows PCs, you may also have a license from Microsoft to install Windows on the systems that you have.
Or, you can contact whoever does support for your library, who can get a full Windows installer for you - a Windows updater will not be enough, for example.

No, I live in Delaware. My wife was born in Montana, and went to a college in Edmonton.
It's not easy to miss Canada in the news these days.:(
I run Windows programmes on my MacBookPro using Parallels. Parallels allows you to install a different system, even Linux, I use old an old Windows Vista, and then run the other software as you would on a PC. I use it for some car maintenance and diagnosis. It runs with no issues.

I've had it for years. I looked at Boot Camp when it came out and haven't looked at it since. But in the early days, at least, it was a separate partition and you had to change between one and the other.

With Parallels, I can run in "Coherence Mode" which puts Parallels and Vista in the background and the car club windows appear on the Mac much like any Mac window, but with the standard Windows way of doing it with the "windows buttons" in the top right of each window.

I've just pulled up a page from the car parts list, taken a screen shot, and put in front of this Mac window, so you can see what it looks like.

Parallels is a "paid for program". There are others like Virtual Box and VM Ware that are free, but I had problems setting them up. I think that they are more for developers...

In Parallels you just choose "Print" and it prints to the same printer as the Mac. And all the USB stuff works, albeit with a FTDI USB to RS232 serial driver (I said it was old!!)
. It links to the live diagnostics for my car. The car software is very old now. The manufacturer has been defunct for five years and it only runs on 32 bit windows. But it's fine on here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 23.01.47.png
@DeltaMac I have contacted the support team. They will be here to check the issue next week. I hope they figure out something.

Canada is on the news everywhere. Things became really bad and getting the evacuation done was also very challenging. The fire destroyed a lot of neighborhood here. Things are just getting back on track. It will take some more time because many things are damaged. Even the pipelines are dead. The Enbridge team is working on them.They will resume service by Monday. The oil prices have gone up. Lots of things are happening around. It is going to take some time to get things back to how it was.