Safari 1.3 = 17Mb, Safari 1.3.1 = 2.7Mb?!


I installed the Safari 1.3.1 update yesterday, trashing Safari 1.3 beforehand (I backed it up though), as the 'Updates' are often full installers which just update what is needed.

To my bewilderment, while Safari 1.3 was 17Mb, 1.3.1 is only 2.7Mb! The new version is running fine, so doesn't APPEAR to be in any way incomplete, and I figured it would have complained about not being able to find a previous version to update if necessary during installation - which it did not.

Can anyone else shed any light on why there is a 15MB difference in application filesize? As I said, so far it appears to be a fully functional version of Safari 1.3.1.
Look inside the Safari application package (the Safari installed in your Applications folder), and then look inside the Resources folder. Also note the size of the Resources folder. Mine's about 18MB.

Are there folders inside the Resources folder for languages other than English like "Dutch.lproj", "German.lproj", etc.?
Erh, I'd never remove apps that want to be updated. It can create havoc (and has in the past). Don't move Apple's apps around, don't trash them before updating etc. I know, that's not the question, I'm just bewildered...
Cheers ElDiablo - Looks like it's running without all the extra language support that would normally be there. I'm amazed that the updater ran without issues, and that it seems to be running fine so far. I'll unpack the 1.3 version I saved, delete the update receipt and reapply the update.
Put version 1.3 back, deleted receipt for 1.3.1, repaired permissions, reapplied the update, and Safari is back to full multi-linguistic fighting weight.