Safari 2.0 and Secure Sites


Since upgrading to Tiger and Safari 2.0 I can not view secure sites such as my banks website....Any fix to this?
I'm using Safari 2.0 (412) and have no problems with either of the https banking sites I use. What happens when you try to browse these sites? Do you get an error?
This is a function of a bad cookie or preference file. First, delete the Cookies in your browser or reset Safari from the Safari Menu. Decondly, clear the browser cache. Then mosey over to Users/Your User name/Library/ and throw out

Another neat trick is to fool most any web site. Download Safari Enhancer and enable the Debug Menu. Then in Safari choose the menu item "Windows MISE 6.0" when you are on the top page of the site you want to access. This will help fool the stupid HTML programming of that web site.

Personally I am making it a habit not to patron a web site that only caters to one segment of the potential surfing customer. That company does not deserve my money if they constantly have bad customer policy by discriminating against me because I don't follow the herd in computer choice. If enough people do something like that then maybe that company will change it's way. Besides, send the offending web site a kind word about you will no longer shop there because you do not feel safe using a bug ridden unsecured defective web browser. I say this because this problem does not only affect Safari. It affects ANY non -IE browser on any platform. It is just a sign of bad web html programming.
cory1848 said:
X509Anchors certificate missing...replaced it and bam!

Ok, I seem to have the same problem. How do you go about replacing the X509Anchors cert - I don't seem to have one (no x509Anchors under ~/Library/Keychains - there's a folder with a bunch of certs under /Library/Keychains)? Thanks for any help!
I am getting this message whenever I log on Amazon, Ebay.. etc. I am on MAC OSX 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3.1 . I am guessing perhaps it is a security update issue ?

I am lost on this one.

Found it under System/Library/Keychains....... but...... did you just trash it and reboot ?

Thanks Cory