Safari 6 - How do I stop it from refreshing content on pages I'm not visiting?


Chmod 760
Staff member
I mean the pages that I'm not viewing now.
Such as the most visited sites that you might have showing when you open a new window in Safari.

It used to be possible to tell Safari to not load stuff without your consent (at least when the RSS feeds were added years ago, whichever Safari that was), but I can't see that any more anywhere in the preferences.
So Safari refreshes the most visited sites every time I've got a new Safari window open. For some sites it may be great, but I'd like to turn that off. Any site loaded without me asking it to be loaded on the background... where I would have used a function like "get new posts" is now a hassle. It does not work because Safari has refreshed the content when I haven't been to the sites in question.

Any recommendations how to turn that off or disable it?
Would having Safari new windows and tabs open with blank pages be enough to work around it?
Or would there be some extension or hack that would get that?
Not sure. Never really had the problem. Do you have JavaScipt turned on or something along that line causing the auto-refresh?
JavaScript was as default, but it's off now.
I did turn all new pages and tabs open blank, and that seems to work around it. So with that, no unwanted refresh.
Good top hear! I find though I have to invoke the Developer menu (in Safari's Preferences, Advanced tab, checkbox) to 'Clear Cache' every once in while on certain web sign in pages.