safari background/jpeg color problem



My problem is essentially identical to the one described in an older thread I found (which is how I discovered this forum) but I couldn't figure out how to resuscitate and append to that discussion:

To recap what he said - My page includes a JPEG (the title) embedded within a table cell in which the grey background color specified to be identical to the grey JPEG background. Safari is displaying the JPEG darker than the background. Here it is:

In the thread referenced above, if I understand the gist of it, the responses are telling the original poster how to correct his view on his *own* monitor, but not how to author his web page to display reliably across different browsers & systems. Is it just not possible to do so?

If you're looking to match colors, JPEG is not the way to go, since colors can shift depending on the JPEG quality you specify.

Use a GIF or PNG instead, which should be able to match the background color perfectly.
Your best solution is to create only the text, and exclude any background color. Saving it as a png or gif, with transparency selected, will allow the background color to bleed through.

That way, no matter what system you are using, the grey will match up.
Don't use transparent PNGs; as awesome as they are, Windows IE still doesn't like them (and it's not worth alienating 90-or-so-percent of your audience).

If the image doesn't have any tonal variation (like a photograph or a gradient) a GIF is the best way to go. If it DOES have tonal variation, look at a PNG.

Neither need be transparent.