Safari Crash, and 1 crash in the past year


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I'm constantly having crashes with Safari. I also had problems with other things, so i reinstalled, all was good for a day and Safari is back to acting dumb again. Safari will use about 300mb of ram, takes more of the system resources than Photoshop with a document open. I'm not sure what is going on, everything else is fine, i haven't had the crash problem, the memory issue isn't anything new, thats always been an issue.

I also had a system crash for the first time since installing X almost a year ago. Thats why i reinstalled, figured I would run the combo update.


300 MB of RAM isn't normal unless you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Doing a clean install might be a good option since doing an upgrade isn't the best thing to do.


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I had 4 tabs open. Next thing you know it crashed. I really can't do a clean install just yet. Once i get some projects out the way and I have the free time to reinstall everything then I guess thats what i will have to do instead of the install in place method.


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Well, I'm sure you have trashed Safari's preferences by now a few hundred times, so all there is until you can reinstall: Use Safari carefully or not at all. I.e.: Switch to Firefox for the time being...


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I had 2 crashes in the past week. One was the normal crash, that fades to a dark tint and instruction on rebooting. But yesterday, I had the old 10.1 crash, with the ugky text over the desktop image.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong? I guess a complete system wipe will be my next step after I finish these projects.


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Hmmm... have you tried removing 3rd party RAM sticks? Or checking the "S.M.A.R.T." status of the drives through Disk Utility?


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the ram shouldn't be an issue i went almost a year with no problems. Same ram since 10.1. 10.3 was very stable for me, so whatever is going on, it has to be system related. The hard drives are fine. The crash happened when i looked away, and the computer's uptime was almost 6 days when it bombed.

I haven't installed any new software, but my safari has been running very slugish. I use firefox, but that rus slugish too and I had to hold down the mouse button to get flash movies to play, or they would show a static frame. This i found out by mistake, and I was shocked to see that happen in Firefox.