Safari crashes then finder follows


This started soon after I updated safari to the latest version. About twice a day safari will hang up on a page and when I click on the finder to do a force quit, I get the spinning beachball and am forced to hold the power button down to shut everything off. I've waited before and it just hangs there. I'm running on a 12" g4 ibook, 1.2 ghz, 768 ram (512 is a no-name chip) on 10.4.2. It seems to only happen with safari. Did my generic ram take a dump? Anyone else have this problem?
I found this happenng, but just with specific websites. Never had this problem before.
eMac, 10.4.2, Safari 2.0.1
No, no, gentlemen! Steve Jobs personally stated over and over about how - no application (let alone - one from Apple Computer, Inc.) would ever bring down MacOS X, never.

The problems (eh, 'features' - yes let us call them 'features') you noted are common with 'Tiger' 10.4.0 through 10.4.2. Maybe, just maybe the free 'ComboUpdate 10.4.3' will address this feature, as it rumored to address nearly 500 other MacOS X / Tiger features, as well.
Also, just because the Finder isn't responding doesn't necessarily mean you can't force-quit stuff. Simply press Command-Option-Escape, and a Force Quit menu will appear -- allowing you to even relaunch the Finder.

The Finder is an application itself, and must be launched and quit just like any other application -- Apple just removes this functionality from the user's standpoint, since the Finder is pretty much the "core" of navigating the operating system via GUI.

Next time you experience this, try the key combo instead of the Dock menu. Also, after shutting down improperly many times, it may help to make sure your filesystem and hard drive are still in good health -- boot from the OS X Install CD that you used to install Tiger, and select "Disk Utility" from the "Utilities" menu. Run "Repair Disk" after selecting your hard drive in the sidebar.
I always use the key commands, and only get the spinning beach ball. I've let it sit for 20 minutes to no avail. I've repaired disk permissions, but haven't tried repairing the disk itself.