Safari email-defaults to helv. fractions and becomes unreadable


Every now and then some of my email body copy and sometimes header information defaults to Helvetica Fractions and becomes unreadable. Even when I go into mail preferences and play with the fonts going from the default set to others it doesn't alter from the helv. frac. font. The only way I can force a font change is to go into the font utility in the OS Dock and disable the helvetica fraction font, and then it works but I lose the use of that font. Its not so much that I mind losing helvetica fractions, but I would sure like to just fix it.

I'm kind of confused :confused:. Are you talking about Apple's Mail program?

If so; you'll have to set it up again; but go to

Macintosh HD > Users > yourusername > Library > Prefrences

Move the file "" to the desktop. Start Mail; set it up again and see if it works correctly. If it does; delete the plist file.
this happens to me to - but with helvetica inahamper. and it happens with all apple apps: mail, ichat, safari etc. i also dont mind removing helvetica inahamper, but how is it that the problem recurrs even after removing the font? at leat now ive figured out the problem..the first time, i was totally confused.