Safari has dissapeard


Hi there, i have a g3 green power mac running osx panther, I tried to open up safari the other day, it started to bounce on the dock, then stoped and there was no sign of safari being open and running, but it was on the force quit menu, i have tried to download safari from the apple site and this made no difference. does any one have a clue in what is happening here,



First thing: trash (Use splat-F to find it).

Second: trash Safari's cache files. I use TinkerTool Pro periodically
to flush all my caches. Often helpful.


excellent thanks alot i deleted the file, what was the file, and why did i not need it.

Thanks alot i was getting annoyed with ie


U.S.D.A. Prime
That file: "" is a file that is required by Safari to operate normally. It's called a "preference file." It stores different preferences that you set in Safari, like which UI elements you have visible (bookmarks bar, status bar, etc.) among other settings.

Sometimes these preference files become corrupted, causing the application to behave strangely -- maybe not even launching at all, as in your case. Deleting the file forces the application to create a new preference file with it's default preferences, ensuring that it's not corrupted. The downside is that if you spent any amount of time customizing the preferences in Safari, you'll have to re-do those preference settings.