safari icon


My safari icon was moved from my dock to my desktop.I am trying to move it back and not have the icon on my desktop. but everytime I drag it to the dock it leaves the icon on my desktop and puts one in the dock.I tried command drag but it didnt work and if I erase the icon on my desktop I loose the whole program.and my kids have an account for themselves and the safari icon is missing completly and they cant get on the internet at all using there account. can I put the icon back in there account without deleting there account and starting a new one


Is it possible that it's the application itself, not just the icon, that resides on the desktop?

If this is the case: Drag the Safari from the desktop to the Applications folder (where it should be anyway, in my mind). Then, drag the icon to the dock.


I'm having a similar problem with Safari icon only it stays in the dock for about 30 seconds after I exit Safari and then leaves. This is not happing on the two Intel bassed Macs I have. I've done all of the security updates as well running Leopard with 007 security updates.


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Drag the "Safari" application icon from your /Applications to the Dock. It should stay then.

Alternatively, launch Safari, then from the Safari icon that appears in the dock, right-click it and select "Keep in Dock."


I have actually dragged the icon from the application folder to the dock. And I have right clicked the icon while in the dock, selection "Keep in Dock." Not working. Very strange. It appears that there is no problem with the other two user accounts on the machine. Safari is staying put in those accounts. It is only in the administrator's account.