Safari Unexpectedly Crashes With No After Crash Message


Safari has been crashing since OS 10.3.9. I upgraded to Tiger and Safari RSS 2.0 and it sytill crashes whenever I am searching on any of the search emngines. The unusal thing is that an after crash message never comes up, like Safari has unexpectedly quit..." and asking about reporting to Apple aboput it. ZI tried deleting my safari preferneces, but to no avail. I am using a G4 Quicksilver dual 1ghz machine with 1.5 Gigs of memory. I have other browser installed that work fine (Firefox, Explorer and Netscape). Any suggestions?
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Check out you Safari third party extensions that you have installed in the past. A lot of them had to be updated when 10.3.9 came down the pike.
The only time Safari crashes is searching with Google when a search has to be changed. For example, if I looked up information on a type of dog, it would work fine, but if I change the search to a different word, it quits. Very strange. :(