Safari's caching is driving me nuts!


For some reason the past month or so Safari has been holding on to cache files and it is driving me nuts. I've wasted hours and hours thinking something in my code isn't working only to find out that safari is showing old info. I've tried loading pages in Camino and Firefox and they update without any problems.

I've tried emptying my cache files along with my history (in Safari) and it doesn't help. I've even deleted images off the server so they would show up as missing then loaded the pages in Firefox and they weren't there then loaded the same pages up in Safari and it still shows the images. I'm having the same problem with external stylesheets as well.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening and what I need to do so it will ALWAYS check for newer versions of stored pages? As bad as IE for Windoze is at least they have an option for that which Safari does not have.


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This is been bugging other Mac users also so they did something about it. Sp mosey over to and download Safari Enhancer. Just remember disabling the cache is safari should only be done with a high speed connection.


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You could use a script to Quit Safari and trash the Cache. I had the same problem until I started using a script to quit.


Thanks! I'l try using Safari Enhancer and if I continue to have problems I'll look into using a script like Bob suggested.