Save PDF to Postscript?


Has anyone noticed that Output Options in Panther's print dialog is no longer available in Tiger? This is where I'd go to make pressready pdf files generated from the postscript files that the Output Options check box allowed me to make. Now the closest command I can find is "Save PDF as Postscript" (under Tigers PDF drop down menu in the Print dialog box) which generates postscript files which, after distilling, generates 300dpi pdf files.

Does any one know...if these pdf files are actually press ready?...if the "Save PDF as Postscript" creates quality or funky junk pdf files....and why name the command "Save PDF as Postscript"? Shouldn't it be "Save File as Postscript?

If you want professional, press-ready PDF files, the built-in Mac OS X functions just won't be enough. In most cases they'll be ok, but you have little-to-no control over output options.

For professional PDF creation, I recommend Adobe Acrobat Professional. I'm sure there are command-line solutions or other shareware applications that can do better than Mac OS X's implementation -- you might search on