I have a couple of Scanners. A Mustek 1200 UB Plus, and an HP ScanJet 4200c (which I bought today for $5). They are both USB scanners, but I've drawn a blank obtaining appropriate drivers off the Internet.

Is there any way, and drivers, or third party (preferably free) software I can use to interface either of these to my mac? (running MacOS 10.3.4).

I remember a few years ago, when the imacs and ibooks first appeared, wasn't there a bit of 'scanner wizard' software that enabled these computers to talk to lots of USB scanners?


ScanVue seems to work well for most scanners that you cannot find drivers for.

However, since you are looking for a free solution, I would suggest looking into SANE TWAIN, it is the linux scanner project and supports a large number of scanners.


VueScan is your best bet...however you are probably better off going out and buying a new cheap scanner.

I'm in the same boat, 3 worthless scanners, one scsi and 2 usb, and no drivers for OSX.