Screen brightness too low


I have a MacBook Air 13'' / A1466.

My screen suffered a blow at work and I had to get a new one. The only thing broken was the LCD, the screen itself stayed intact.
Everything works fine now with the new screen, except for the brightness. When it's turned to max, it's like there's still two increments to go, but it doesn't go higher.
It used to work normally before the new screen, so I went back to where I got it fixed, but they say it's the computer and that it has nothing to do with the new screen.
I've tried updating, restarting, resetting NVRAM, resetting SMC and starting it up in safe mode.
Nothing has worked.

Obviously this doesn't affect the computer's capabilities and I can still do everything I used to. But when I'm in my livingroom during the day, when it's sunny outside, I feel like I need to strain my eyes, cause the screen light is too low. And when I'm watching movies and the scenes are dark, it's almost impossible to see what's going on..

Can anyone help??
What can I try??
Not all "off-shore" computer parts are the same...
Sounds like the repair shop is not convinced that there is a defect, and the brightness is just your "personal preference".
But, return to that shop, and explain that the brightness is obivously not enough, and you think the screen is defective, ask them to return that as a faulty part, and get a replacement - maybe from a different supplier.
So, try a different screen first, then, if you still don't get the brightness that you want, replace the logic board. That's where the screen backlight is generated.
But, a replacement logic board will be a used part (from another MBAir), and you might still have the possibility of a similar problem.