screen rotate


just a quick question, i am running mac os x 10.3 and was wondering how i can rotate the screen. it is a g4 dual proccesor 500mhz and the diplay driver is a ati 8500 64mb. anyone know how to do this. the rotate screen option does not come under the displays tab and i am using a dell tft monitor version1704 fpt.
any assistance would be apprecited.

p.s i have all the latest ati drivers
I believe all but the Apple monitors must be adusted with the monitor's own controls, so I guess you have to check its handbook.
Some graphics cards just do not support screen rotation, no matter how hard you try. The ATi 8500 may just be one of those.

If ATi's own drivers don't help, then you may be out of luck.
hey guys
thanx for the replies i figured it out. i was using a dual display system, but once i disconected the secondary display i was able to rotate easily. thanx for the feed back. ati 8500 does support rotation:)
I stand corrected. I have the 8500 and was looking at the specs and my preferences and didn't find anything that would support it.
Even the PowerBooks can rotate the image, even on the built in tft screen!

If you have Tiger, you can check if it works on your machine. Just launch "System Settings", hold the option key down and click on "Monitors". An extra menu appears, where you can select the angle of rotation.

On PowerBooks, you'll find that your trackpad isn't useable in rotated mode, it doesn't understand that the image on the screen is rotated...

To get back from rotation you need to quit System Settings, launch it again and repeat the procedure.