SCREW Epson - Printing To Unsuported Printers!


Tonight I created my own print driver using Ghostscript for my Epson Photo EX with Ethernet AxisPrintServer.

It works beautifully! Took me 6 hours overall and I am getting photo quality prints!

Those bastards @ EPSON could easily support us if they chose to.... If I can do it so can the Epson engineers....

I will post complete instructions for this and any other Epson Stylus/Axis PrintServer combo in the near future. Got to go to sleep now...

Thanks to Jim who got me started with his article on doing something similar with his HP.

P.S. Now that I have the necessary things put together to replicate this install on any other MAC will take at most 30 minutes...

or you can hack the epson drivers, by putting your model no. instead of the other, i put 1290 instead of 1280 in ALL the files in the plugin package.
Oh goody!

I got a Photo Ex, and thought I can dump it.
Looking forward to your instructions! :D
Wehey! Cool! Great! Will it be possible to make drivers for the SC 580 with it? :D
I've been using Adobe Pressready emulated in classic, which accesses the printer directly, for printing (since I am printing from Classic applications at this point in time ANYWAYS). It's worked quite well with my HP1220C/PS.
Yes, printing in classic works for me, too :) , but I can't print from OS X apps :(
Epson 870

I installed it and my 870 finally prints from OS X. Have not checked out what it does or does not do yet.

Check the ftp site, i am sure there are more out there.
I have an Epson Color Stylus 670, I know their is a 680 driver listed. I have tried goining into textedit and altering 680 to 670 where ever its listed, but that did not work. Can someone tell me what I would have to do to get my 670 to work with this 680 driver.
Thank you for the suggestion Testuser but the driver there is for OS 9 and their does not appear to be an OS X driver available for the 670 at this time.
First let me re-iterate that you need an Axis 1440 Print Server (to connect your printer via ethernet)...

The following is the supported printer list...

escp2 EPSON Stylus Color
escp2-pro EPSON Stylus Color Pro
escp2-pro-xl EPSON Stylus Color Pro XL
escp2-400 EPSON Stylus Color 400
escp2-440 EPSON Stylus Color 440
escp2-460 EPSON Stylus Color 460
escp2-500 EPSON Stylus Color 500
escp2-600 EPSON Stylus Color 600
escp2-640 EPSON Stylus Color 640
escp2-660 EPSON Stylus Color 660
escp2-670 EPSON Stylus Color 670
escp2-740 EPSON Stylus Color 740
escp2-760 EPSON Stylus Color 760
escp2-800 EPSON Stylus Color 800
escp2-850 EPSON Stylus Color 850
escp2-860 EPSON Stylus Color 860
escp2-880 EPSON Stylus Color 880
escp2-900 EPSON Stylus Color 900
escp2-980 EPSON Stylus Color 980
escp2-1160 EPSON Stylus Color 1160
escp2-1500 EPSON Stylus Color 1500
escp2-1520 EPSON Stylus Color 1520
escp2-3000 EPSON Stylus Color 3000
escp2-photo EPSON Stylus Photo
escp2-700 EPSON Stylus Photo 700
escp2-ex EPSON Stylus Photo EX
escp2-720 EPSON Stylus Photo 720
escp2-750 EPSON Stylus Photo 750
escp2-870 EPSON Stylus Photo 870
escp2-1200 EPSON Stylus Photo 1200
escp2-1270 EPSON Stylus Photo 1270
escp2-2000 EPSON Stylus Photo 2000P

Instructions are almost done...
OHH so we need an Axis 1440 Print Server to use any of these unsupported printer with the driver we build? We can't use them with just a USB connection?
As soon as I can get my Epson Stylus 670 to work I will never touch OS 9 or Classic ever again. I will have all the programs/utilities I need to be extremelly productive including DVD playback,Microsoft Office, AOL, Graphic Converter, Freehand, Cinema 4D, Toast, Final Cut will be nice but I can live with iMovie2 for the time being. I am so impressed with OS 10.1 it is the best thing that ever happened for Apple.
please please please a driver for my sc 670! ... if only epson were to get their act together ...
if anyone knows how to get the 670 working, please let us know!
What doesnt make sense is that Epson released drivers for the 680 which is so similar to the 670 that it is rediculous. When Epson pulls a move like this it gets me thinking: Will we ever see 670 drivers?
Originally posted by brodie90
or you can hack the epson drivers, by putting your model no. instead of the other, i put 1290 instead of 1280 in ALL the files in the plugin package.

hey Brodie

i found a driver, for the SC640....i have the you think i can hack that? if so, what are you using to do it??

thanks a lot!!:D
What, am I the only friggin 1160 owner on the planet? I figured since the 1160 is just a *really big* 740, hacking the 740 drivers would work...but no, then I tried the 860..... nope... god this sucks.

So if I was going to get a new printer (that worked with X, of course) for under $100 to replace my photo 700 wich will probably never be supported, which one should I get?
... the Epson Stylus Color 777. It's only $79 w/o USB cable ($69 including the USB cable for students!) and so far it's been printing pretty high quality. Supposedly it supports 2880x780 or so resolution images, but I haven't tried it yet. My Epson Stylus Color 740 did VERY good quality photo-prints, so I can only assume this one does even better! :) Very cheap, too... I can't see how Epson can afford to sell these printers at this outrageous price! :)