Scrolling in carbon


I have an application that I am working on using Carbon and C++, and I have a window that I need to make scroll. The contents of the window are drawn at run time using either Quartz or QuickDraw (I have code written for both) and are obviously larger than the window. If, after the contents are drawn, I enlarge the window, I see that the full graphic has been drawn, or perhaps the hidden areas aren't drawn until I enlarge the window, but either way the drawing seems to work fine.

Upon searching Apple's documentation, I find a lot of talk about using a HIScrollView to handle scrolling, which I have attempted. My window now shows spaces for the scroll bars, but no scroll bars actually appear. Can anyone tell me how I can make my window scroll? Thanks.
Never mind, I figured out how to do it. Just had to use standard controls rather than the HIScrollView. Took a while to dig up that documentation though :)