select error 22


In my application i am trying to use 4000 file Descriptors. so i have increased the FD limit from 256 to 10000. but i am getting "select error 22, nrdy:-1" error. and this is seen only with the 64 bit Mac os X. can any one help me to fix this.


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What version of OS X are you using? On what Mac are you trying this on? You posted this before so what are you trying to figure out?

Will you every reply?


I am using Mac OS X 10.6(snow leopard) but tried with 10.7(Mac Lion) as well.
i wanna know when do we get this select error 22.

Note: I am not getting "Invalid Argument" error. it just tells "select error 22, nrdy:-1" after my FD limit reaches 1024.

Is there any thing to do with CFLAGS?.