Sending Audio to Mic


This is my first post here on the forum so thanks for your replays.

I am currently running OSX Mountain Lion on a 2011 MBP. I would like to send whats playing on my computer to the MIC port.

So lets say I have a recording and I want the software to think its going in through the mic. Is there a way to channel the sound like this in OSX?


Eh - Mic is an input, not an output.
Are you saying that you want to direct sound (Audio) out back through the input?
Soundflower should help you out...
Please explain what you mean by "I have a recording"...
Do you mean that you want to record something -
or, that you have a recorded audio file, and you want to listen (or play) that recording?
Or - do you want to record something that your computer is playing?
Tell us what you want to do, and use more words, please... :D