Sent mail lands with different email address


I have two accounts set up in Mac Mail
One with Sky and One with Google

Suddenly when I start sending out from my gmail account the replies are coming back from my Sky account.
If I send a mail to myself from Google mail to Sky mail it lands with my Sky mail address
not my gmail address

I have checked all my Preferences and the Sky SMTP Server accounts are all offline (I seem to have two of each) .. only my gmail SMPT settings are online.
Any advcie would be appreciated

The confusion could be that you have two of everything. When you open Mail and go to Accounts, do you have four accounts listed instead of two?

You will need to make inactive one of each of your accounts. Do not delete the accounts as you will be deleting all the emails associated to those accounts. Just go to Mail&#8217;s Preferences, click on one of the account names in the side bar on the left, then click on Account Information and uncheck the box Enable this account. <--- that is if you are running Mavericks. Older versions of the OS has Mail enabling or making active the email accounts in Advance tab of Mail&#8217;s preferences.

Also if you are running Mavericks check System Preferences>Accounts for duplicates.