Share ADSL with 2 comps


I am going over to a friend with adsl this weekend and wonder if it is possible to share his aDSL connection through a crossed ethernet cable? Do I need anything else then an ethernet cable?

I would be very happy if somebody could tell me how to set this up (in preferences and the the cables)..since i never done it in classic or os x. Both our computers run mac os x 10.1

I also got problems getting my network working in x..what replace the "chooser" in classic? I have no idea how to connect another mac in x. I turned filesharing on in sharing i guess that means apple talk is active...? but i cant figure out where i log on the comp..

P.S. I was using filesharing in classic but not in os x...

I can try to help my best with the DSL situation -- I don't think you can easily share the DSL connection without a "router," which is simply a switch or a hub with built-in DHCP (that allows one IP address, coming from the DSL modem to be "routed" to two different IP addresses, which would be the two Macs).

I've successfully done this with a network consisting of two PCs and a Mac and all was great. Check at your local CompUSA or Circuit City or Best Buy or Fry's or Altex or whatever and look into a router. I've found the salespeople there to be VERY unhelpful, but sometimes you'll get lucky and run into someone who knows something about something. Maybe.

Routers can go from $40 all the way up to $200 or $300, but I'm thinking you'll need one of the lower-end models.

I know Mac OS X supports routing of IP addresses, but you've got to do some typing in the terminal, and I found that a simple router is much easier and faster than doing it through OS X.
The answer to your question [as stated] is yes, you can do it between 2 computers with 1 crossover cable. But to make it work the computer that is connected to the Internet would need a free Ethernet card (NIC) available for you to connect your computer. If you or your friend have a spare NIC lying around (maybe from an old Mac with Ethernet on a PCI card) and he has an open PCI slot, then you have everything you need. You can find instructions on setting up this arrangement here.

If you don't have that option, ElDiabloConCaca is right. You have to have a router (with at least 2 ports) or a hub that can connect to the DSL, your computer, and your friends.