Shared folder for all users


Hello, I'm with a 10.5.8 system that is shared by several users. I'm trying to create a folder "testshare" that all users can read & write to. Any file created in there should be writable by any other user.

Following several guides, I've made the folder rw for the "staff" group that all users are apparently automatically part of. However, any files created in here have only read access for the staff group. I've already set "umask 0002" in the terminal, but there seems to be no effect.

Any advise appreciated. I'm from a Windows background, incidentally.
You already have a folder where all user accounts on your Mac can both read and write.
It's the "Shared" folder, in the Users folder.

Are all users on that 10.5.8 Mac? (no other computers, either Mac or Windows?)
Or, are you trying to set up a shared folder that would give access to other computers, too? - which would be a network share...
I'm aware of the Shared folder, but we can't use that. The folder has to be on another, larger drive. I'm also a bit leery of changing the folder name, due to works in progress. Maybe I could point the Shared folder to this location, hence moving the "shared"-ness? :p

There are actually several Macs, but no Windows for this particular purpose. Right now, each Mac has their own work folder. The management if talking about getting a network drive, but the way it's going, it'll happen anytime between a year to never. So for now, this is what I have to work with. Right now, to get around the security issue everyone is using the same login, which is not ideal.
An external hard drive, used as a shared drive between multiple Macs, is simple enough. Just Get Info on the mounted hard drive, and check the box "Ignore ownership on this volume"

You didn't mention about the "several Macs"
Mount the drive on each Mac, make sure that each Mac will mount that drive in the same way, ignoring ownership.
You may need to adjust the permissions so that the user "Everyone" can both read and write.
You might even need to change the permissions on that drive so that "system", "wheel", and "everyone" all have read & write permissions.