Should I upgrade?


I have a PowerBook G3 with 192M Ram in it. I was wondering if it is beneficial for me to upgrade to OS X or stay with 9.1 which is on it.

I like what I see about OS X. If it is anything like UNIX, it will be easy since my job is UNIX Administration.

I just dont know if this will allow me to work faster, more efficient, etc.

If any of you have upgraded from 9.1 to OS X on a PowerBook G3, please let me know if it helped you out.

What processor speed?
192 MB should be good, though memory is so cheap right now that it cant hurt to get more.
I've heard reports of 10.1 on a 233 powerbook running at the equivalent of a G4 450 in 10.0.

I think that machine will be just fine.
Enjoy X:D
OS X is based on UNIX so exept for some namechanges and so on I would say it´s more or less the same as BSD. Im in to Linux and IRIX and had no problems to get in to OS X. :)

Get OS X! After an initial period (a couple of days of adaptation and learning new ways of doing things), you'll like OS X better than OS 9... (and it looks so much better) -- If there are Classic applications you need, they work great in the Classic environment, and you can always reboot with OS 9 to use the few apps that don't work in Classic. I use OS X 97 percent of the time, I only have to reboot to use my scanner (I don't think UMAX is going to develop OS X-native drivers any time soon)... kind of slow in developing updates for scanners especially the older ones, not only for OS X.