Simple web design software

Why don't you try to hand-code it yourself, starting from some tutorials or examples or simply by looking at the code of sites you like? A simple personal website is not hard to do by hand. There are lots of useful free code editors and lots of great sites to learn the basics. This site at Apple explains some of the basics and has good links to other resources. Feel free to ask for advice and help on the forums!
I would have to say that i agree with Cat. You should try and learn it yourself, i would link you to my site, but my isp shut me off, and its being hosted off of my computer lol. So it should be up in a few days to weeks.

Also, it can be helpful to learn javascript, i learned a little bit about javascript, its pretty cool :)
Careful what you say -- this isn't that kind of discussion forum. It's all legit here -- no discussion of cracks or illegal activity.