Skype 7.5 And Yosemite Don't Play Nice


I upgraded to Yosemite. Then attempted to use Skype. I had to audio. I tried to use the built in ASUS monitor camera, and just a black screen. I hooked up my old iSIGHT (still the best camera I ever had) and thru Firewire into the Mac mini adapter to lightning.

The mic shows up for Skype with the iSight, but still no audio with ASUS. But here's the deal. Screen is black. Can force quit and get a picture with iSight, but if I attempt to use the ASUS monitor both go black.

Also, Skype has decided I never had an account, except for the first one 7 years ago I never use now. Lost all my contacts for my business Skype account. No matter, there were only 8.

However, I then had to ask for a new account thru Microsoft because Skype won't accept the email since it is still attached to the old Skype (which I liked better).

I ignored the "merge" accounts? Well, just because ...

but this isn't the biggest issue.What's going on with the cameras? I'd rather use the ASUS built in since the monitor is plastic and the iSight will not sit on it. Any suggestions?
You should have seen what happened to Skype when Microsoft bought it, talk about using your own dog food! Outages when they switched from Linux servers to Microsoft servers we almost unbearable. The onl;y cameras I seen actually work are the Build in cameras in Mac Books and the Logitech HD Pro. Sorry after getting this for my Mac Pro it has been rock solid for the last three years.
Sadly, I guess I need to find another way now to use ... maybe the new Firefox Hello.

I did abandone Skype for one reason: Ads

As an alternative I use Google Hangouts and FaceTime.

Why this two?

If you have Android you have a Hangouts account and if you have an iPhone you already have FaceTime, therefor, you can contact most people with this two.