on skype people cant seem to hear me.. tested my mic in the sound test and everything works fine.. same on my hp touchsmart pc as well

the other person checked their settings and was fine

what can i do?
yep.. people cant hear me on either,, i can hear myself in audio test call and i see the audio move up and down when i talk.. my mic is the integrated microphone array.. got headphones in that shouldnt matter
I would try a different headset, although if your system is showing an audio response, and it's just not going out - then maybe it's a setting your Skype account

Does this work?

then, does this all work?

then, does this then look OK for your system?

Don't forget, most headsets are mic level, and won't work on a Mac. If the same headset also doesn't give you audio out (your friends still can't hear you), then I would try a different headset. I think the best to try are those that use a USB connection, and NOT the audio in/out connections on your Mac.

I'm betting that you have something accidentally set in your Skype CALL settings, like a muted mic...

Did I guess correctly? :D
i tried it with someone else and they heard me.. weird.. the friend who couldnt hear me said his settings were ok and speakers on
lol dont be silly.. i have had it before where people couldnt hear me though.. dunno why this is.. my settings seem ok if i can hear myself