Slave HDD in G4, please help


My girlfriend has a G4 450mhz 512ram, and a 10gb HDD. Her dad bought a 250gb maxtor ide for it and eing the puter tech of the family i get to do it. Im a computer tech @ best buy but my knowledge is PC only. Never worked with a mac. So i booted up her mac, updated the OS to 10.4.2 ( is this tiger?) Then i installed the drive in the extra space, having to use the new ide cable from the maxtor supply, because the original was not long enough. Now when i boot the mac it hangs. But if i unhook the cable from the slave drive it works fine. The drive is set to cable select. One last Q, i see there is a AGP slot, can i use an older nvidia Geforce 4 4400 from a PC?

Right -- she's got and "AGP graphics" Macintosh computer, which require separate "master" and "slave" jumpers on the drives to be set... using "Cable Select" is supported only on the Mirrored Disk Drive G4 towers and later.

Just set the 10GB to "master" and the 250GB to "slave".

You will also find that you'll only be able to "see" 128GB of that 250GB drive, unless you use a 3rd-party ATA PCI card, like the Sonnet ATA/133 card ( because that computer does not support 48-bit LBA (large-block addressing). It doesn't matter if you try and partition the drive or anything -- the maximum space you will be able to see on that drive is 128GB if you use it on the internal ATA bus.

Get the Sonnet card (or any Mac-compatible ATA PCI card, like a SIIG) if you'd like to be able to use all 250GB of that drive.
So would i be able to use my AGP Geforce 4 TI 4400 that was used in my pc, to put in the mac?

Thanks for the replies.
OK, and last question is if how do i know if i have tired or janguar or other version of MACOS? I just updated to 10.4.2
You can see which number version you have by going to the Apple menu on the top left and selecting "About this Mac".