sleep password


I want my computer to require a password after it goes into sleep mode or screen saver mode.I went into security and checked the password for sleep mode box but it doesnt work after it goes to sleep I can just wake it up and Im logged in.It happens on my account and my kids.I dissabled auto login also.It use to work but somebody was playing around in my account and changed something and nobody seems to no what or just not telling.I have leopard osx


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Yes I have seen this too. I fixed it be resetting System preferences by going to the folder /YourHardDrive/Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/ and dragging the file to the trash. I then restarted.

The only drawback was I had to reset some System Preferences like Date & Time and Security after deleting that file. Good Luck.

One more thing. Try to Reset your Pram to see if that helps.