Slimjet browser


I am using the Slimjet browser. I managed to get a packed Bookmarks Checker extension that was packed from Opera to install in Slimjet. The problem is, it will remain enabled only for the current session, then Slimjet disables it after a restart, saying, "This extension is not listed in the Slimjet Web Store". I am unable to re-enable it. Is there some tweak that I could do in the profile to get it to stay enabled?
How are people validating their bookmarks these days? All the validators seem to have gone missing.
Do you really need the checker to be running every time you are using the browser? I would think once a month or longer - after the initial run through - would be enough.
The bookmark checkers are out there. Have you checked the App store?
The Apple App Store had only one listed (payware) and I have no idea if it would even work.
I can keep on removing and reinstalling Bookmarks Checker, I suppose. It works until Slimjet is relaunched.
Also just curious: How often would you really need to validate your bookmarks? Surely not 24/7, always on (?)
I suppose that there are different needs, but I only go through a bookmark check (maybe) once a year -- but then, I tend to prune out bookmarks, when they are not actively used - bookmarks are too easy to add back, and a new bookmark, for me, is a valid one. Inactive bookmarks go to my "inactive bookmarks" folder, which gets trimmed down, again, maybe once or twice a year.
I do not treat bookmarks that way. I have had some for years. If they still work, I want them. Unfortunately, web pages are not eternal. I do not check bookmarks constantly, and not at the same time for all the browsers. I have 5 browsers, each with its own method of bookmark validation, since they do not all have all the same bookmarks.
Yes, I looked at that one & it does validation - one by one. I have over 800 bookmarks, and checking them one by one would take a long time!
How often would you check ALL 800?
(only 800?)
Lots of things are relative in this life, eh?
I have not done a bookmark count for a long time. I have a folder "imported from IE", which hasn't been touched since two Macs ago. My daily-use Mac used to be a G3 iMac, bought new in 1999, and was in OS 9 most of the time - until I moved "up" to an eMac, and stopped using IE, probably in 2008. Anyway, that "imported" folder has over 4,000 bookmarks. Crazy, eh? Most of those I have no direct interest now, and there might be some from my original Mac, a Quadra 605 that I bought new in 1993. I think I was using the old Netscape browser (connecting with a 300 baud modem - those were interesting days!) I go through that folder occasionally, just for the memories. I rarely find a bookmark that actually works in THAT folder!

Sorry, I was rambling there, but estimating that I have more than 8,000 bookmarks, if I add to the count from the various inactive bookmarks folders that I keep.