Slipping under the Radar?

Hm I just got a thought... what if this is supposed to be used with the new iTunes 4.9 and the new iPods with built-in recording? The perfect combination for creating your own homemade podcasts!?!?
I wish you guys would quit posting links without explaining what it is we're supposed to be seeing. Every time I see one of these "hey, lookee here!" posts, I half expect to click and find the latest mirror.
Hmm... yeah, I suppose that's the "Asteroid" we've been hearing so much about...

Hm. I remain somewhat un-impressed. Then again, maybe that's because I use regular mixing boards. Hopefully there will be some sort of spiffy features that just aren't obvious at first glance.
fryke said:
It certainly sounded like Asteroid would be an actual Apple product...

That's what I was thinking exactly...

This M-Audio device is targeted at GarageBand users, and GarageBand is not considered a "pro" application -- therefore, I can see why some "pro" users would prefer a real mixing board over this average-user-friendly device.