Slow Help Viewer



I have a 12" Powerbook with 1.33GHz G4 and 768MB of RAM. Whenever I access the help viewer (whether from MS Office, Safari, etc.) I get the beach ball, and it takes quite a while to load up. Even once help viewer shows up, if I change topics, it takes a long time to load the result. Can you help?


It would always help if you listed what version of OS x you are running along with your system specs. One thing that might help if you have Panther or Tiger, just go over to you Hard Drive->Users->Your user name folder->Library->Preferences-> and throw out the file "". Then relaunch the Help application, this should speed it up. Good Luck.
A lot of the time when I load help none of the links in it work, or if I search it will never find anything, or it's just blank.

I've trashed both and, but whenever I choose Mac Help while in Finder the Help Viewer is always blank.
I'm also having this problem with my 12" Powerbook (running Tiger). I followed the advice above that I delete my preference files, and that has ensured the MacOS help mainpage always appears, but entering a search topic just results in an endlessly spinning grey windmill.

12" Powerbook (revD)
Tiger w/ 512Mb RAM.