Snapshot backup


Hi all:

I'm trying to do the following:

1) Each monday (for every week or bi-weekly) I'll perform a full backup of my 2 Tb RAID 1 system to an external eSATA 2 Tb HDD. I'll move this HDD to a different physical place (my home i.e).

2) Each day after monday until the next backup, I want to perform an incremental/diff backup from my RAID to a file, that will automatically uploaded to a cloud storage system (like dropbox, google drive etc). This incremental backup should be small, so easy to full upload in few hours per day.

3) Next Monday, perform a full backup on other disk, move it away to home and start again next monday.

I was reading about ditto, rsync, cp, Time Machine etc. All of them (if I'm not wrong) force me to keep the backup HDD in order to do an incremental backup.

Is there any way to do this on the way that I'm looking for?



Sorry.. I forgot mention that ZFS seems to do what I was looking for.. but I'm not so confident on my capabilities of manage issues on ZFS.

Any help.. welcomed.

I use the shareware Carbon Copy Cloner. It has the ability to clone across a network and has a configurable scheduler.

However doing a backup to cloud can be very slow and take up HUGE space and huge amount of transfer time/bandwidth. You sound as if you could use some like network tape drive, with extra tape and a good firesafe to store the tape backups.

This what we do at work and rotate tapes for weekly backups.