snow leopard setup assistant crashed



i recently (finally!) installed snow leopard to my macbook. the installation worked fine, but when the computer restarted, the setup assistant froze and i was forced to re-start the computer. upon re-start, when i tried to open the setup assistnat, i got an error popup saying that some programs will not work on this version of os, and then the setup assistant failed to open. now, no error comes up, but when i click to the assistant to try to open it, it quits again immediately.

my laptop is a old white macbook, now running snow leopard os x 10.6

do i need to run the setup assistant to use my computer? how can i make it run?

please help. thanks!
Probably not too important, if your system is working OK otherwise.
You did mention that you got a message that some programs will not work, so you should take some time to make sure that your third-party apps are as up-to-date as you can discover.
Be sure to run Software Update, which will download and install a few large updates, such as the 10.6.8 combined updater. If that updating is successful, you probably are OK (don't forget to check for updates for your other apps.)