So My Mac Pro Is Dead... New Mac Time

Paul C

Hi All,

I've had a 2006 Mac Pro with ssd drives, 32gb RAM and 1gb Radeon 5770 for a few years now, it's served me well but keep having issues with it mainly down to bodging El Capitan to work and after an update it won't boot.

I'm looking to replace it but don't have a very big budget, I was looking at a Mac Mini (2012) with 8gb RAM and ssd drive for about £300, my question is would this be good enough for photoshop and light 1080p video editing? or would I need to spend the extra and get something like a 13" 2013 MBP?


In Geostationary Orbit
My Mac Pro once wouldn't boot after a brief power outage while mini-display port was plugged into the display! Once I unplugged the cord the Mac Pro booted right up! So if you have a Thunderbolt, Firewire plugged into your Mac Pro try disconnecting all of them and see if the Mac Pro boots up!