So what WinXP has *really* satisfied folks here?



So I'm a prodigal Mac user that returned after leaving the Mac in the late 90s due to its relatively poor stability.

But currently I believe that unless you have your own IT dept at home, you should have a Mac. My impressions so far are that Mac OS X Leopard can't be beat for stability, horsepower, and a great consumer UI.

Anyway... to my topic. I told myself I would deliberately not install get or install Windows XP for several weeks with my new Mac. I also decided to look for web apps or other means to get the functionality I needed.

That was 3 weeks ago. I'm now at the point where I feel I learned some things by abstaining from Windows XP. But I do think I want to have it available to avoid hassles in trying and running some work-related software. I'm not looking to tinker with anything. Just make it quick and hassle-free to use.

I've been checking out CrossOver - which provides Windows API emulations, not Windows OS -- to run some Windows application software. It won't work with all Windows software, nor does it promise to.

I have not tried Boot Camp or Parallels. Again, I've avoided buying Windows XP SP2 until now.

Anyway, I'm looking for a bottom-line, simple answer from you folks that do need to occasionally try or use Windows software on the Mac..... which Windows XP solution have you been most satisfied answer?

Thanks very much in advance for your opinions!
-- Joe


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I like Parallels, but have also been satisfied with Sun's VirtualBox (which is free!) for running Windows XP in a virtualized environment.

I wouldn't mess with BootCamp because I don't like the idea of carving out a portion of my hard drive meant solely for XP, although some people do like it because XP runs faster natively than it does through virtualization.


Thanks for the info.

BTW, I dropped by Best Buy today, and they had VMWare running WinXP on the Mac. So it looks as though this is a need at least a few vendors are trying to satisfy.

-- Joe