Software Problems Inosx


I'm running OSX with the most current update without moving to the nextgen. i'm running mostly graffix/web design software (adobe and macromedia). my problem is this...recently some of my software (the stuff i don't use everyday) has quit opening. flash gives me the error message that it can't find external importer #$^(random characters) and that it can't read the welcome_help.html file. InDesign doesn't open and Image ready will open but will not open any files (either imported from photoshop or from the drop down menu.) i've tried an uninstall of the macromedia suite and a restart but to no avail (although i have to admit i'm relatively new to mac's and i'm not sure i completed the uninstall correctly since none of the programs actually had an uninstall program. i've also run a first aid permission verify/repair. i don't know what else to do. any advice you have would be appreciated...thanks!