Software that replaces Tunatic song identification

I used to use Tunatic to identify songs i did not know streaming, or some stray mp3 file. But Tunatic was PPC and doesnt run anymore.

Do you know of OSX software that identifies songs?

I wonder what happened to the identification database that Tunalyzer (the contributor) built?
Have you tried Tunatic again? It is not PPC only, but is a universal binary.
It works on my Lion system (I just gave it a quick try, and it identified the song I was listening to on iTunes within a few seconds)
I don't have a 10.8 system to try it on, so it might not work on something newer than 10.7.5 - but I have nothing to try that will boot Mountain Lion or newer.

One that looks interesting to me, but I haven't tried yet - MusicBrainz
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Thanks. for the link. I dont know why i didnt find it in a Google search.

Also thanks for the recommend of MusicBrainz. It does look promising. I am experimenting with it.

It is unfortunate that it looks like Tunalyzer, the contributor app for Tunatic, did not get updated to universal binary. The latest download from the site you linked gives a file IDed as PPC by Mountain Lion.