Software Update Not Listing Recent Updates


Software Update is not showing the latest updates for my 2012 Mac mini OS X 10.8.5 other than Remote Desktop Client and iTunes. Sometimes one or the other don't show up at all. I've just learned that there is a security update, efi security update and a Mac mini efi update that's been out for the last couple months that I will manually download from Apple's download site. I tried launching Software Update from the Apple menu and from System Preferences and I still get the same results. Is there any way to reset Software Update so it shows the pending system updates?
Are you sure that those fairly recent updates are not already installed?
Click on the Apple menu - then About this Mac.
Click on the More Info button.
Then, click on System Report.
Click on Installations (in the Software section)
Sort the list of updates by date. Does anything show as recent installs?
How about Security Update 2015-006 or Safari? (update version would be 6.2.8)
Yes, that's how I found out that there are pending updates that aren't listed in Software Update. The last installed system update was for Safari 6.2.7 on 7/17/15. I've also tried running Software Update both in my Admin and Standard account with the same results. I'll try using another standard account to see if I get better results there.

Ran Software Update from the test account to find the new updates are all listed minus the Remote Desktop Client and the MM update for the USB keyboard. Logged out, logged in to my standard account and they're listed there too minus again the two above updates.
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