Some advice please (iMac & Mac Pro)

Paul C

Hi all,

I've just sold my late 2011 MBP (spec in sig), and I'm looking to replace it with a desktop, I've only got a budget of around £800 and was looking at a 27" iMac or a Mac Pro, I know if I get the mac pro I'm prob only going to get a 2008 model but I thought I could upgrade it and I'd only really get a 2010/11 iMac, the main thing I need is an SSD as I hate using machines without them as they feel sluggish.

I used my MBP for general use but also did some editing in iMovie and also some gaming with things like Borderlands 2 so nothing too taxing, I guess my question really is would I get the same performance from a 2008 Mac Pro or 2010/11 i5 iMac as I did from my i7 MBP?


You should go for a Mac Mini with an i7. You can do some made/somewhat easy Upgrades on them, including using the OWC Data Doubler to put a Flash drive a it and make a good DIY Fusion Drive. These little Mac Mini i7s, i5s are great little boxes that are really a great little deal.
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