Something weird is going on with my iMac ...


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I have been having weird problems all week.

The only thing I really remember is leaving my browser window open overnight, and I think it may have had some cookies in it. Either way, the next morning I came in to find that Safari was all mucked up. Since then, I've been finding other windows like this more and more often.

I've taken a screen shot, perhaps someone here can tell me what is going on?


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It looks like my problems are getting worse. This time, it seems to be affecting the trash. I did have some items in there, but now they're all over the desktop!


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I think I'm onto something here!

I opened the Games folder to find that all the icons were mucked up. Some of them were even broken, or gnawed on. I also spotted these tracks, left in the folder. I'm no hacker, but I'm pretty sure they're not meant to be there.


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I loved that one, but wasn't absolutely sure (at first) if it was a joke or something more sinister, so I didn't want to post! ;)
Oh man, that was too cute! :D

That reminds me of similar apps that used to be around in the early days of System 6 and 7. Kind of like "The Grouch." Does anyone remember that one?

"Oh I_____LOVE____TRASH!!!" ::ha::
CaptainQuark said:
I have several victims already lined up for that prank!


Same here, i've already used the Clippy Prank on a few unsuspecting people.
Sadly, its not a progam you can 'get', but rather I just Photoshopped some screenshots together. :-(
symphonix said:
Sadly, its not a progam you can 'get', but rather I just Photoshopped some screenshots together. :-(

You'd have to admit, though, that it would make a great computer prank. :D
Awww! I want those squirrels! :)

Well, I don't want them messing up my desktop, but they are cute. :)

Nice one, Symphonix. :cool: