Source for Office X apps/demos?


On many of the screenshots I've seen, there are Office X icons in the dock. Not just Word, but the other apps as well. Are these available as demos? All I can find on the MS site is the Word Test Drive.

I'm planning on upgrading Office, but until then, I'd like to open Classic as little as possible.

I would love to use Entourage instead of Mail. Mail's cute and I like its behavior in the dock, but it's not exactly feature-packed.

Confirm for me:
You can download Entourage X from Hotline etc??
Is this a proper, full version (like downloading Outlook Express etc from Mactopia?)?
Cool! :cool:

Please can someone let me know the web addresses where I could get hold of it?
Pleeeeaaassee? I sooooo need Entourage X, but not the rest of Office v.X

Private message me :)
These versions are beta's that have been ..... improperly (I can't spell) acquired through Hotline and Carracho. They are illegal to own, unless you are an autherized beta tester that has recieved them straight from MS or Apple. The release on Nov 16 will be much more stable than the beta's... I suggest you wait.


P.S. Before you all jump on me about the legal comment just know that, I as well am "unofficial testing" office as well. But I do plan on Buying the upgrade once it's released.
im up to b15 on office v.x

havent seen the final build or gm yet
most say theyre the gm, but they actually are not
The version I have doesn't have a build number in the "about" box. How could I tell what build I have?

I understand that they're betas etc.

I don't want any of the other Office apps. I just want Entourage, especially as Microsoft doesn't seem to want to carbonise Outlook Express.
I object to paying an outragous amount of money for the full Office suite, when I just need/want Entourage (which Microsoft isn't selling seperately).

Please help me :(
In addition to what I've written above :rolleyes:, as the ones you can download are betas (I assume you can't download the full Entourage X version?), do they have time limits on them?
If so, when do these expire?
Regardless of when they expire, and regardless of whether or not they're betas, it's still illegal to download them.

Please continue this conversation through PM's and e-mail.

Thank you
but it is a bit crappy when people only come on here to try and extract Hotline and Carracho info/Warez downloading instructions.

Hey people, Stop treating us like your bitches!

(Leave that to my girlfriend!):(
Sorry, I didn't mean to do anything bad :(
I just object to paying hundreds of £s for Office v.X when the only thing I want is Entourage. If Microsoft Carbonised Outlook Express that'd be cool, I'd happily use that. But they haven't.
Sorry if I caused anyone to get annoyed etc.
Why not just wait to see what M$ does upon the release of v.X? It is possible that they might release an Entourage standalone, or bundled w/ Word, or maybe even an Entourage light? How could they just not provide any replacement for Outlook, on X -- unless they have a secret arrangement with Apple, divvying up the mail client standalone low-end to Apple's Mail, and keeping the high end bundled suite for themselves... ;-)
Entourage Express would be a really, really nice thing.

I don't have an Exchange server running so all of Entourage is really overkill.

Shocking. A m$ product with way too much stuff that you'll never use? nooooo.... Not them ;)