Spaces / Mission Control transition in Lion


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
So, I'm finally upgrading to Lion (took me long enough!), and while overall I like it, there's one thing that's really bugging me: they really mucked up Spaces (or Mission Control as they call it now). The transition between spaces is slow, ugly, and weird. Three main problems:

1. The desktop background scrolls along with the windows. Why? It is constant.
2. The desktop icons disappear during the switch, and then fade back into place. Again, it is constant. This seems like it must be a bug, because it's just nonsense from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, but I can't imagine what it's supposed to do.
3. The transition animation is too slow when using control-left/right-arrow.
4. Is it no longer possible to have multiple rows of spaces? Really?

I've searched around for fixes, and while I've found some hidden preferences that can tweak some things, I haven't found a way to fix any of these things.

Anything I've missed? Spaces has become a lot more annoying.
I saw the same thing. That is why I posted the hint for [How To] Reset the contextual menu of "Open With" in 10.6.x that still helps for Lion.

Plus if you reset the Dock system by making a Script application with the line settings.
quit application "Dock"
Then save this Script Application and run it. It will Quit the Dock application and reset it to reset the Dock system that controls the system Dashboard changing system. It really works to reset this system so try it.
No. The Dock & your problem run on the slow transition problem. I was only trying to help, sorry.
Oh, okay. I got confused by the contextual menu stuff. Unfortunately, killing the Dock doesn't seem to change anything. :\
I'll give it a shot. I'm not sure how much of it is a feature and how much of it is a bug, really. When Googling around, I learned that switching directly to a space with control-number uses a fast transition, but control-arrow uses a slow transition. Apparently multi-finger swipes use a transition speed based on swipe speed, but I'm actually using Lion on my work desktop (still Snow Leopard on my personal MBP), so I can't test that myself.