Sparseimage opens to blank page HELPPPP! (newbie)

daft lara

Firstly, let me say hi. Im a newbie and I knowe sometimes forums can be quite turbulent places. I COME IN PEACE! ;)

I created a sparseimage of 1 page of written data (textedit) that included all my passwords for computer logins etc. Before i checked if it was ok, i sent the original file to the trash and emptied the trash. I also unclicked the daisychain (in think its called that) option.

(i have in the past managed to create a successful.dmg file so i dont know what ive done, i was just following an online create password protected file.)

:eek: BIG MISTAKE. :eek:

When i go to open the sparseimage theres nothing there.

Can anyone help me recover the info???

Please bare in mind mind if you can help that i need very simple instructions, not go here then there then miss a few simple steps because everyone knows how to do that without me typing it. IMAGINE IM A 5 YEAR OLD AND NEED EVERY BIT TYPED OUT FOR ME TO FOLLOW. e.g go up to file, click open, go down to new etc.

Thank you for any help as it will placate a very angry husband.