Speed Drastically Reduced

Is there a quick fix to repairing (?) your computer so it's no longer slow. My computer was drastically reduced in speed after installing the new operating system. i have run disk utility (/fsck) and the permissions repair several times. none of which have increased the speed back to its usual self.
should i turn of journaling (don't know how)?
also, the permission repair never seems to correct the permission it finds. everytime i run the utility it finds the same problem (permission with some widget is off).

If you see a message like "We are using special permissions for ---" that is not an indication that permissions are wrong... it's simply an informative message that Mac OS X is using non-standard permissions for a certain file or directory.

Unless you see the message "Permissions differ on --- they are rwxrwxrwx and should be rwxrwxrwx" and "Permissions were repaired on ---" then permissions were not set incorrectly. It's safe to ignore those "special permissions" messages -- it does not indicate that permissions are incorrect, and those messages will appear every time you run Disk Utility's Repair Permissions.

What do you mean "new operating system?" Tiger? Panther? What operating system were you running before? How did you install the new OS (archive & install, upgrade, clean install, etc.)?

Journalling will not slow your computer down noticeably, so there's no need to turn it off -- in fact, it can save your butt in certain situations, so it's best to leave it on.

Can you elaborate more on your situation and setup? What kind of Macintosh are you using, and what are the specs on it? What software are you using? What are you comparing the speed to?