Speed Up OS X!!!! (with smoking weed)


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Okay guys... I swear I am not smoking anything... word from my developer friend in Sweden is that if you download (140mb) DevTools 1.01 from Apple's http://connect.apple.com site, you will see a 50% increase in speed.

Well, anything is better than what it is today right? Well, I downloaded it (in 11 minutes mind you) and installed it... (I think it took longer)...

And w/o a restart... (typical unix foundation stuff) my machine was whizzing along... in fact, it was speeding up before the install was even finish.

For example... right now, I can take my IE 5.01 and drag it around my screen without any slowness or "dragging".... it kicks butt. I take the scroller and roll it up and down, super fast, w/o any slowness.

In fact, 50% is conservative in numbers... I haven't tested program launching results (give me a sec....) okay... GET THIS FOLKS... I say, have a 200% increase in speed or more.

System Prefs opens in a matter of 2 seconds flat, no more screwing around for 10 seconds to load...

This is on my G4/500 w/ 256k RAM....

Maybe, JUST MAYBE... I can start using Mac OS X on a regular basis. I will continue to test this out... as anyone else seen or heard of this? I have been busy programming lately (web stuff) and haven't been in the loop on all the latest scoop on DevTools 1.01 results.

I can EVEN TYPE....

And it shows up ON THE SCREEN before I hit the keyboard... okay... its not that fast... but no delay!!!!!!!

Apple! I LOVE YOU!

Is it possible to get this download without being a member? I don't think I properly qualify as a 'Developer' yet (I'm just tinkering and finding my feet), but a speed increase sounds good!
You can signup to be an ADC online member, so you can get em, no charge.

I got em, and my system seems a little faster (maybe its perception), but interface & project builders donw work :(
So this is more than just magic. The new developer tools are "Mac OS X Developer Tools 10.0.1". Perhaps that .1 means a lot.

I did not get any speedgain, either.
At least, it is not slower.

Maybe only G4 get a speed gain... I got a B/W G3 450
I just finished downloading the Dev 10.0.1 and I will install it soon, but I have a different question: Does anyone have enough knowledge of the Aqua Interface to tell me wether the drawing routines utilize the AltiVec Engine or not?
We all know how damn fast Vector based operations can get with the Altivec (just take Photoshop under 9.1 and remove the AltiVec plugin, run some filters, replug it, run them again....I have a major speed gain) si I'd like to know why my Cube still get's slow once I minimize a window or once I resize it...my G4 at work does it without any slowing down...maybe it's the second processor...
I just installed the Developer package and even after a restart I can't notice any speed gain! Still the same sluggish window resizing, dragging and minimizing. Still long application starting times.

OK...just checked Project Builder...loaded the Java app I am working on. Got a Kernel Panic during compilation (compiled fine under Dev Tools 1.0) and now my whole MacOS X system doesn't boot. Sticks at the Mac symbol without the typical spinning disc. No chance. Just reinstalled MacOS 10.0.3 from the CD...still, system dead. 9.1 works. Hmm...
Sorry to hear all the problems caused folks...

My system still is running faster... it wasn't the weed I swear. Also, I have heard additional reports from my Mac circle that indeed... they also have noticed a speed increase.

Have you installed it on 10.0.3?
Or on some earlier build? (since your reported that you haven't used X as your primary OS till now). I know that there was a major speed increase for me from 10.0.0 to 10.0.1
Still wondering...let's see what it will do to my Cube at home. At the moment, I am fixing my work machine ;) Can't imagine how people pay 500$ to do that all the time ;P
hmmm... i don't quite get it ... why should installing dev tools speed up the entire system?
i don't have the tools installed at all so far, as i don't plan on doing any developing ... :)
it just seems weird that installing them should speed stuff up...
or am i misunderstanding something?
Tis something to do with the 'linking and optimising library calls' apparently. I know installing the first set of Devtools from CD speeded my system up. I'm a bit dubious of loading the new one now though, after ulrik's hassles...
so if i install them, do i have to then do anything special to speed up the system or does it just happen by itself?
Is this speed gain on top of the speed gain from installing the Developer Tools that came with OS X? I already have that installed, and it gave me a little speed boost... Does DT 10.0.1 help on top of DT 10.0?It's probably just the System Optimization; even if it's been optimized before, installing and removing apps would invalidate the Optimization it's already done, therefore it must be done again...
doesn't anyone remember this from long ago? after OS X was released some people installed the dev tools and got a speed boost. it was discovered that the install did an update_prebinding command which brought the spped increase.

maybe this is that again?